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by Claudy Jongstra

We make textiles with a deep interwoven respect for material, landscape and craftmanship.

Our believe

We weave waste wool into high quality textiles that reveals a natural beauty. With our textiles we empower designers and creators to bring a natural liveliness into their projects. We employ a radical Earth democracy, preserving what is otherwise wasted, stimulate biodiversity and cultivate social collaboration. This vision finds it’s home in a simple woven textile with a verity of botanical colours.

our collection


Most sustainable option

Woad blue

Limited available

Chamomile yellow

Limited available

Coreopsis orange

Limited available

Madder Red

Limited available

Our textiles are available per running meter. We always seeking with new colours and weavings. Want more information?

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We rescue Dutch wool from waste and bring it to Ireland for spinning

After spinning our yarn is woven in The Netherlands with industrial craftsmanship

We dye our wool, yarns and textiles using an age-old traditional method making lively colours

Weved in use

Weved comes alive through collaboration and the creation of new meaningful products of creators. Interested to use our textiles in your project?

Thonet Goetheanum

With Swiss design label Thonet, we developed a new upholstery for their legendary tubular frame chair

Studio Floris Schoonderbeek

Table Tarp 01 was born from the growing need for shade and coolness in the city. The combination of the classic picnic table with the functional application of the woolen Weved fabric makes the Table Tarp 01 a practical and multifunctional object that provides shade and shelter.


Composed of recycled hardwood from construction waste and discarded Dutch wool,

Where it’s created

Our yarns are spun in Ireland and woven in the only remaining wool weaving mill in the Netherlands. This factory brings together centuries of experience in textile weaving.

On a biodynamic farm in the far north of the Netherlands Claudy Jongstra and her community harvest all natural pigments that are used to dye the wool, yarns and textiles

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