House of Botanical colours

WEVED is a wool and natural woven company based in the north of the Netherlands. Filling the gap in the Dutch industrial landscape for wool, WEVED will harness the potential of waste wool by collaborating with designers to create quality products out of this timeless material. Through the creation of her new initiative WEVED, Claudy Jongstra, together with Stefan Koper, is campaigning to revitalise the local wool industry.

WEVED was premiered at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan from 7th - 12th June 2022 at the historic Palazzo Turati.

From waste to woven fabric

WEVED employs a radical Earth democracy approach. Preservingwhat would otherwise be wasted, creating to stimulate the return ofbiodiversity to the Dutch landscapes, collaborating for social cohesionand well-being.Of the annually discarded 1.5 million kilograms of Dutch wool thatare disregarded as a redundant by-product of cultivating sheep for landmanagement and dairy farming, WEVED transforms a proportion into abeautifully simple woven fabric.

Our products

Native raw wool

WEVED transforms a precious but completely disregarded by-material into a product for the well-being of soil, people and planet.

Holistic collaboration

WEVED becomes alive through collaboration and the creation of new meaningful products.Please get in touch, if you want to team up to realise your pioneer project.

Specialised yarn

As the infrastructure for wool-processing needs to be re-established in the Netherlands, WEVED now collaborates with the long-standing Irish company Donegal Yarns, to transform the unique Drenthe Heath wool into yarn. 

Seeds of vitality

WEVED preserves biodiversity and stimulates farmers` independence from seed monopolies through exclusively harvesting botanical colours from native, non-hybridised seeds.

Botanical colour

Artificial dye processes are the most harmful step in the textile production cycle, therefore WEVED prioritises healthy dyeing methods in order to reduce the toxic waste created from dyeing. Additionally, the reintegration of native dye crops into local landscapes increases biodiversity and thus the vitality of soils.

Staple woven fabric

Originating from a humble species of sheep, WEVED is a high-quality woven fabric for everyday objects and environments, increasing the well-being of makers and consumers alike.

Paving the path towards a new makers` culture

Projects and partners

REGAINED is a new social design label that creates value from waste material. It generates impact by converting surplus materials into truly timeless designs. 
REGAINED applies the WEVED fabric in their fully circular, fully traceable foldable chair design.

STUDIO FLORIS SCHOONDERBEEK celebrates the beautiful simplicity of WEVED fabric by incorporating it as a roof of a temporary spatial dwelling.

Our products
Our ambition

The ambition of Weved

Claudy Jongstra is a textile and environmental artist who is known worldwide for her monumental artworks and architectural installations made of wool felt. Jongstra’s oeuvre, often installed in large public spaces, is included in many international museums as well as private and corporate collections.

Alongside Stefan Koper, Claudy Jongstra revitalises the Dutch wool industry through the production of a staple woven woollen fabric for product and interior applications. WEVED is driven by the ambition to regenerate the Earth and re-establish makers’ sovereignty for a truly holistic well-being of all life.

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